Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Finish Review

Maintaining your car’s paintwork is difficult, so we tested out Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Finish as having the right product makes all the difference!

The basic principle of looking after a car’s finish is to wash, polish and then wax it. We tested the product on a Range Rover Evoque. The paintwork is well maintained already, but a fresh coat of wax won’t hurt.

Before applying – Wash and Dry

Before applying the wax, you must wash and dry your vehicle. Wax is often best applied when your car is not in the sun and the body feels cool. I would also recommend polishing it beforehand as applying the wax will seal the paintwork.

Apply Turtle Wax Hard Shell Finish Using The Applicator Pad

This car wax is very easy to apply as it comes with an applicator pad. Dip the pad loosely into the wax and then rub it into the paintwork in a circular motion, working one panel at a time.

Buff Off

Either once you have completed one panel or after you have waxed the entire car, you can now buff off the excess wax using a clean microfibre cloth. You will need to rub the cloth all over the car, making sure that you don’t miss any excess wax.

Inspect Your New Hard Shell Finish

Once you have buffed off all the excess wax, you will notice how glossy your vehicle looks. Each panel sparkles and the car looks brand new again.

Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Finish Review

Applying the wax is really easy and even on a large car like this it doesn’t take too much time.

The results are really good. Take a look at the car below: You can see your reflection in the panels now and it almost looks like glass in places. For the cost of this product and the time it takes to apply it, I have been very impressed. And I am sure the wax will last for a good while yet. Find out more here.

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